Money Back Guarantee

To apply for our money guarantee you need to of complied with the terms and conditions which are below, if you have then please contact us at support@resultswithlucy.com

21. 100% Results Money-Back Guarantee

21.1 We are so confident that following our work-out and PROGRAMMES will allow anyone to see fantastic results that we are willing to offer a money-back guarantee (“our Guarantee”) if you have followed one of our programmes and have not seen reasonable results.
21.2 To claim your refund, you must have complied with the following:
i) You must have kept, from the beginning of the programme to the date on which you wish to claim your refund, and must SUBMIT to us (where requested) a daily food and exercise diary, which must be true and accurate;
ii) You must have followed the programme from beginning to end and COMPLETED at least 95% of it;
iii) You must have taken, and submitted to your timeline on our site, a photograph of yourself on day one, and a second photo of yourself on the date on which you are seeking to claim your refund (for the avoidance of doubt, these photographs will not be made public without your consent); and
iv) You must send an email to us at support@resultswithlucy.com, giving your full name, YOUR EMAIL address, your telephone number, the name of the programme you have followed and the reason why you are not satisfied with your results.
21.3 Our Guarantee applies in respect of any individual PROGRAMME undertaken, and does not APPLY to any additional programmes, Products or Services that have been purchased by you.
21.4 You may only APPLY FOR one refund under the terms of our Guarantee.
21.5 Our Guarantee is not AVAILABLE
(i) where you have breached any part of our Terms and Conditions of Sale, our Terms of Use and/any other terms APPLICABLE to your use of our Services; or
(ii) if we suspect that you may have falsified any information submitted as part of your claim under our Guarantee.
21.6 Any claim for a refund under our Guarantee must be

received within 14 days of your COMPLETION of 95% of the programme in question.
21.7 Any refund payable under our Guarantee will be paid by us to you (to the account from which we have been authorised to take payment in respect of your subscription to our Services) within 30 days of receipt of a qualifying claim.

21.8 We reserve the right to change, amend or withdraw our Guarantee at any time, and without notice.
21.9 Results guaranteed applications for a refund must be made within 14 days of the last day of your purchased programme.

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