How do I create a Workout?

By following the guidelines below, you will be able to combine your favourite videos in no time!

Desktop Users

1. Click on your Video Bank on the top of your homepage.

 2. Click on the video you would like to add to your workout.

3. Click add to workout.

4. Either create a new workout or select the workout you would like to add your video to.

5. Once you have added all the videos to your workout click on Workouts on the top of the page.

6. Click on My Workouts in the left hand side of you screen.

7. You will then see your workouts which you have created, click on the one you would like to do/edit.

8. You can then either move the videos around to the order you would like to view them in by clicking and dragging the 3 little lines next each video and then dropping them where you would like them to be placed.

9. Once you have done this you are ready to start you workout by simply pressing play.


Mobile Users

1. Click on the menu lines on the top of the left hand corner and then click on Video Bank.


2. Click on the video you would like to add or make a workout with.

3. Click add to workouts symbol on the bottom right hand side of video

4. Either add the video to an existing workout or create a new workout.

5. Once you have created your workout then click on the menu again and click Workouts.


6. Once in the workouts sections click on filter.


7. Click on My Workouts.

8. Click on workout you want to watch/edit.

9. You can then either move videos around by click on the video and dragging it to where you would like it to be placed or play your workout.

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