I cancelled after the payment was made - can I be refunded?

Unfortunately Results with Lucy do not offer refunds on online services.

This term will have been accepted by the member when they joined RWL.

To view our Terms of Service, please see below or alternately you can find them here: Results with Lucy Terms of Sale

Terms of service:-

4.1 By placing an order for any Services, you accept that those Services commence on receipt by you of confirmation of your login details (or, if earlier, when you are given access to the restricted area of our site) or, if applicable, when you begin to download a product from our site. You will not have the right to cancel the contract for those Services after they have commenced except where the Service is defective for some reason.

4.2 You may terminate your subscription to our site at any time by giving us notice in writing but will not be given a refund if you choose to do so (unless the Service has been defective for some reason).


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