I cannot reset my password?

If members try to reset their password but experience an issue with this, please read below for information that should help you further:

Lock Out

If you have tried to log in a number of times in a row, you will lock yourself out as our system will think it's a hacker trying to log in and steal your RwL time. So if this happens, please step away from the device, grab some water have a quick sip and then return to your device and please retry the reset password process again.

Incorrect Password

If you have tried to reset your password and you are now being informed that it's still incorrect, please follow the guides above as sometimes the system can lock out the updated link and we require you to change your password when the email has been sent with the new password information.

Invalid Key

If you are experiencing an 'Invalid Key' please see our relevant FAQ for this.


When changing your password, we advise using the internet browser Google Chrome.

If you need further assistance please contact us at support@resultswithlucy.com

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